Monday, 25 November 2013

Native Hedging Plants the Easy Way!

Dog Rose - Rosa Canina 40/60cm Bare Root

If there is one way to stand out from your neighbours and show the world some refreshing and handsome greenery into the bargain it is to grow a hedge sporting a proper variety of native hedging plants. It might take a little while to establish but it is worth every bit of the effort. And, once established, native hedging plants look superb, the more so if you grow together a few varieties.

Set up almost 30 years ago in 1974, Welland Vale has been supplying thousands of satisfied customers right across the UK with a full range of hedging plants and will provide all the supporting information and know-how to create hedges with distinction. We stock a variety of native hedging plants including common box, beech, copper beech, hornbeam, Siberian dogwood (just think of the beautiful combination of purple and green leaves from this plant alone), dog rose, field maple and so many more.

When you visit the website you can browse through all the plants, look at the actual varieties, choose how you wish them to be packaged, buy in bulk pallets for larger hedging projects, and you will find plenty of hedging advice too. You can learn about the best native hedge plants to suit your budget, how densely you need to plant, what plants to choose in order to achieve a hedge of a particular height – and everything you need to know about ground preparation, spacing and watering. Welland Vale Plants Direct has huge experience in the provision of all types of plant – bare root, root-balled and container-grown – for anyone who seeks hedge plants for sale in volume.

You will notice that the prices are extremely keen and that there is free delivery in the UK mainland for all orders valued at £250 or more excluding VAT. Yet further discounts are provided for customers buying in bulk.

There are a number of good reasons for making your purchase of native hedge plants online with Welland Vale. Apart from the convenience of this method and the keen prices, you also have the chance to browse through many reviews offered freely by customers which will assure you not only about the quality of the plants and how they have settled in and grown, but also about the efficiency of delivery and the state of the plants on arrival.

Online purchasing need not be an impersonal process. Welland Vale prides itself on the way it works with customers and establishes a good customer relationship. Sales representatives are available to talk to and to communicate via email too, and make it their business to help in any way they can.

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